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Repeat Class: The Ultimate Singapore Laksa and More by Chef Kelvin and Le Creuset

30 April 2022 (Sat), 1pm - 4.30pm

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Learn to create these classic Chinese dishes for your family from Executive Chef Kelvin who has been the industry for more than 20 years!


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The Most Delicious Singapore Style Laksa with Homemade Laksa Paste and Cockles 

Learn the art of making really delicious homemade Singapore Style Laksa from Executive Chef Kelvin who has more than 20 years of experience in the industry. The recipe will include very detailed instructions from start to finish on how to make Homemade Prawn Oil, Homemade Prawn Stock, Laksa Chilli Paste, Laksa Broth along with how to process each condiments. Looking for a great laksa recipe? This will be a winner laksa recipe that will impress your family and friends. Don’t miss this class!


Lei Garden Style Braised Pork Belly with Sweet Sour Sauce, Tiong Hua Sauce served with Fried Mantou and Pineapple Topping

This was one of Lei Garden’s signature dish for one reason, they are truly delicious! Chef will teach you how to make his signature Sweet and Sour Sauce and Tiong Hua Sauce (a sauce that is widely used in Chinese cuisine for braised pork ribs, Hainanese chicken and more). The pork belly with ribs will be braised for hours along with Chinese condiments such as Cao Guo, bay leaves, rock sugar, Chinese wine and so on resulting in a melt in the mouth braised pork belly with delicious sauce. Served along side fried mantou with pineapple topping (optional) or along with a warm bowl of rice, this dish will be another family’s favourite!


Prawn Tempura with Homemade Sauce with Bonito Flakes, Kombu and Grated Daikon

Learn to make delicious and crispy prawn tempura with Homemade Dipping Sauce at the comfort of your own kitchen. The delicious dipping sauce is homemade using bonito flakes, mirin, kombu and grated daikon. Learn to create the special tempura batter with ice water and how to create that crunchy and airy tempura. This will be a delicious recipe that will be enjoyed by many!


Suitable for All Levels (Novice/Intermediate/Advanced)


Maximum of 20 participants



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Chef will demonstrate all recipes. Participants will sample all the items demonstrated items.



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30 April 2022 (Sat), 1pm – 4.30pm


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