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Master Class: Early CNY Preparation with the Ultimate Dumpling and Spicy Wonton by Master Dimsum Chef Fu

12 Sep 2020 (Sat), 12pm - 3.30pm



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Learn to master the art of dim sum with Michelin Star Dim-Sum Chef who has more than 18 years of experience under his belt. You will learn the ultimate restaurant quality recipe and all the little details to create the perfect dim sum. Seemingly challenging, once you understand the steps, they are easily done and can be often repeated at the comfort of your own kitchen to wow your guests. 


Class will be taught in Mandarin and translated to English. Recipe will be written in both Mandarin and English.



Old-School Beijing Pork and Vegetable Dumpling (北京水餃皇) with Ginger Vinegar Sauce

Prepare for your CNY celebration early with this amazing dumpling! This shui jiao is considered a delicacy in Northern China. It is also usually served at CNY table as dumplings resemble ancient gold bars which represents wealth. Learn to create this classic dumpling with delicious filling and homemade skin!


Trade-Secret Homemade Dumpling Skin/Wrapper

The character of the dumpling skin is very much indicative of the restaurant that produces them, and recipes and work techniques are closely guarded. However, Chef Fu will share his years of recipe to you. Learn to create the art of dumpling skin, once you master this recipe, you won’t go back to commercial one.


Spicy Wontons in Chili Oil (红油抄手)

With a tender pork filling, these spicy wontons get tossed in a fiery homemade Sichuan-style sauce that is loaded with umami. They make for an appetite-boosting starter or satisfying main that can be prepped ahead and served in a matter of minutes.


In Sichuan Province, the dish is called hóng yóu chāoshǒu (红油抄手), which literally means “red oil crossed hands”. Amazingly delicious, so tasty with an astoundingly great flavour. You will learn restaurant-quality 红油抄手 from Chef Fu who has been making this for the past 20 years. Seemingly easy, to produce a good quality one requires technique and real balance of flavour only can be done by the master dumpling himself. Don’t miss this class!


Spicy Wonton Sauce
The primary ingredient in the sauce for spicy wontons is chili oil. Sweet, savoury, garlicky, and spicy. Learn to create this amazingly delicious sauce!


Pumpkin Dessert (Nan Gua Lu)

Hot or cold, this dessert does not take long to be prepared and is deliciously refreshing and will be loved by all.



Maximum of 20 participants


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12 Sep 2020 (Sat), 12pm – 3.30pm