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Redefining Singaporean Cuisine by Chef Ming Kiat, Chef/Owner Mustard Seed

3 Dec 2023 (Sun), 1.00pm - 5.00pm



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Chef Ming Kiat is the chef and owner of a renowned Mustard Seed.


A proud Singaporean, he creates an original menu based on his personal interpretation of Singapore’s food. He spent his formative years working for Chef Hisao Goto at Goto Kaiseki restaurant and learnt about local ingredients and cuisine under Chef Malcolm Lee at Candlenut. Ming Kiat regards both of them as important mentors in his journey.


His cuisine is rooted in Singaporean flavours and inspired by Japanese cuisine and technique.


You need only try to book a seat at Mustard Seed to know that it is the hottest dining ticket in Singapore. Within five minutes of the release, reservations are completely snapped up.



Yong Tau Foo x Oden

A hearty yong tau foo soup with some Japanese oden inspiration


You will be learning:

Yellow bean base broth

Furofuki daikon (Japanese bevel cut and simmered daikon)

Batang fish paste

Gammodoki (fried tofu fritter made with pressed tofu and homemade fish paste in a traditional suribachi)

Prawn paste (stuffed vegetable mushroom/chillies)


Tai Meshi and Fish Curry

Tai Meshi is a snapper donabe/claypot rice served along a homemade fish curry


You will be learning:

Homemade fish curry

How to blend and fry rempah

Donabe rice cooking technique

How to sear fish

Roast fish stock


Squid and Pork Belly Kerabu

A delicious Peranakan style salad


You will be learning:

Processing of squid from start to end. Cleaning, scoring, searing

Homemade sambal hijau dressing

Homemade calamansi dressing

Processing of vegetables and fruits

Assembling of salad




Chef will demonstrate all recipes. All demo items will be sampled in class.




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3 Dec 2023 (Sun), 1.00pm – 5.00pm


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