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Repeat Class: Authentic Sichuan Flavor by Chef Zor Tan

3 April 2021 (Sat), 12pm - 3:30pm



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In his relentless pursuit of culinary perfection, Chef Zor has served as Executive Chef at several renowned restaurants in Singapore, Taipei and Macau including Restaurant ANDRÉ which has been honored with two Michelin stars, ranked 14th on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list and 2nd on the Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list as well as RAW which is also a Michelin two-star restaurant and was ranked 15th on the Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list in 2018.


In 2019, he led the team at Sichuan Moon and achieved astounding results. Within six months of opening, the team was accredited with 2 Michelin- Star, Forbes best restaurant in the world, and highest new entry (No 23) in Asia’s 50 Best Restaurant.



Chill Cucumber with Garlic and Vinegar 蒜拍黄瓜

A delectable appetizer to a fiery Sichuan feast. Seemingly easy to master, this simple dish requires techniques to elevate it to a different level. The cucumbers will be lightly cured and served with a delicious cold garlic vinaigrette.


Sichuan Spicy Saliva Chicken 口水鸡

Sichuan’s famous chicken that is world-renowned, thanks to its wonderful umami flavour. From the delicious tender chickens to the flavourful spicy dressing, this dish will make you salivate like no others.


Dan Dan Noodles 担担面  

Learn all the techniques to create a delicious dan-dan noodle. From selecting the right noodles, creating a balanced spicy peanut sauce, with delicious crunchy pork. Learn all the details from talented Chef Zor Tan who helmed the opening team of Michelin-Starred Sichuan Moon at Macao.


Sichuan Fish with Sour Mustard Green水煮鱼片

This delectable dish will be your family’s new favourite. Those who is afraid of spicy, fret not, this Sichuan favourite has a balance of tanginess with just a hint of spiciness. The delectable tart comes from a sour mustard green, served with a comforting fish broth, topped with a Sichuan oil, this will no double make an impressive meal.


Suitable for All Levels (Novice/Intermediate/Advanced)


Maximum of 20 participants



View Chef  Zor’s Bio Here


Chef will demonstrate all recipes. Participants will sample all the items demonstrated items.


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3 April 2021 (Sat), 12pm – 3:30pm


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