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‘The Peranakan Kitchen’ Book Launch + Master Class by Celebrity Chef Philip Chia

25 July 2020 (Sat), 12.30pm - 4.30pm



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‘The Peranakan Kitchen’ Book Launch + Master Class by Celebrity Chef Philip Chia

A celebrated MasterChef with over half a century of culinary expertise, Chef Philip is the author of a string of best-selling Peranakan cook books and has appeared in numerous Television shows like Sayang Sayang,  Old Taste Detective and is also the food consultant for the $30 million international remake of “The Little Nyonya”, Singapore’s all-time highest-rating drama serial.


He has been fondly featured in countless publications such as The Straits Times, BBC Good Food, Peranakan Times, SHATEC Times, U-Weekly and Michelin Star with annual exclusive showcase at Fullerton Bay Hotel. 


Come join us for an afternoon where he imparts some of his famous gastronomy and an exclusive book signing session for the new cook book ‘ The Peranakan Kitchen’ by the esteemed author and celebrity chef himself.  




1.Chef Philip’s Famous Peranakan Laksa (as seen on ‘Old Taste Detective’ TV show with Quan Yi Fong ‘)

Learn to whip up a delicious Peranakan laksa! Laksa comes in many forms throughout Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. One of the essential differences is whether coconut milk or tamarind juice is added to the gravy. Chef Philip’s version uses variety of fresh ingredients with moderate use of coconut milk which results in a fragrant, delicious, not overly too rich broth.


2.Chef Philip’s Family Secret Babi Roast

This utterly delicious baby roast is Chef Philip’s family secret recipe that has been passed down from generation. Wonderful as it is or whenever prepared by his mother, Chef Philip’s father would enjoy it as a savoury snack with a glass of beer or stout. It can also be served Western-style with salad greens or Asian-style with rice and other side dishes.


3.Kueh Bengka Ubi Durian for Durian Lovers

The original recipe for this traditional tapioca cake does not include durian. Chef uses Hock Chew Tee (HCT) premium Mao San Wang 100% durian pulp as a treat for durian lovers. Since 30 years ago, HCT has never compromised on quality to create the best pulp. The premium pulp offers a creamy, smooth, sweet and bitter aftertaste to durian lovers. Due to its thick consistency and rich flavour, MSW has become a top choice in the making of this traditional desserts. In addition, the coconut milk makes this cake very fragrant, while the palm sugar syrup adds flavour and colour. Delight on this dessert as you learn directly from the Peranakan Celebrity Chef Philip Chia!


For My Turn To Host’s participants, HCT offers 20% discount to purchase 1kg MSW pulp. To purchase, please kindly email to or contact 91403889. Upon purchase, please provide coupon code: hct-mtth/0905 (expiry on 8/6/2020). For further information, please go to website:


4.Smooth Nyonya Kaya Jam

Making this egg jam was really a labour of love in the olden days as you had to stir the mixture constantly for hours until it was thickened and smooth. With a handheld mixer, however, a perfectly smooth jam can be ready in less than an hour! Although it takes a little time to do, making kaya is not difficult. Making your own also means you can control the amount of sugar added and do away with preservatives, and yes it tastes so much better than the commercial one!


Suitable for All Levels (Novice/Intermediate/Advanced)


Maximum of 20 participants



View Chef Philip’s Bio Here



View Hock Chew Tee Website Here


Chef will demonstrate all recipes.


Participants will sample all the items demonstrated.



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25 July 2020 (Sat), 12.30pm – 4.30pm


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