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Hands On Master Class: The Ultimate Croquembouche by Chef Gail Ho

9 Dec 2023 (Sat), 12pm - 5.30pm

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Chef Gail Ho 

Pastry Chef/Owner, Patisserie Mooi 


Chef Gail Ho was previously pastry chef at renowned Asia’s 50 Bests, Meta. She studied pastry at Ferrandi in Paris, France where she worked in fine dining and 5 star palace hotels for 2 years. After France, Chef Gail worked in Seychelles, Australia and now for past 5 years in Singapore.


She was previously at Meta and then moved the Naked Finn group, where she created desserts and guide the team at Magic Square with their own dessert creations. Now, Chef Gail helms her own pastry shop, Patisserie Mooi which serves delicious and decadent desserts accessible to everyone everyday. Do come visit her!



The Ultimate Croquembouche by Chef Gail Ho

Stunning and delicious, Chef Gail’s croquembouche is simply the best. Hone your pastry skills with this elegant dessert and wow your guests with this show-stopping dessert at your next special occasion.

A croquembouche, French for “crunch in the mouth”, is a cone-shaped tower of cream puffs bound together by caramel. Originally served only on the medieval tables of French royalty and nobility, it is now traditionally served at French weddings and during festive occasions.


Take home item:

Your own homemade croquembouche with ~30 pcs choux (about 25cm height). The choux will be filled with 3 different decadent homemade filling. You will also learn to make your own gum paste flowers (2 to 3 flowers depending on your speed). Plus, you will learn all the techniques to assemble the choux tower together, without a triangle board in the middle! We are not just simply sticking them! This will be a fun master challenge for everyone! The value of this croquembouche alone is SGD120 or more if you purchase one. The beautiful croquembouche will be encased on a special tall transparent box with golden base and beautiful ribbon to make this dessert even a special one.


You will be learning:

How to make choux and pipe (30pcs)

How to make craquelin

How to cook pastry cream

How to make chocolate pastry cream

How to make caramel cream

How to cook the sugar to stick the choux

How to assemble the croquembouche tower without a cone board

How to make a gum paste rose


Maximum 10 seats 



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Terms and Conditions

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 10 x 15 x 5 cm
Date and Time

9 Dec 2023 (Sat), 12pm – 5.30pm


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