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Master Class: The Ultimate Bak Kut Teh and More by Master Chef Chung Lap Fai, Head Chef at Hua Ting Restaurant

10 Mar 2024 (Sun), 1pm - 5pm



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Chef Chung Lap Fai

Head Chef, Hua Ting


With a distinguished career spanning more than three decades, Masterchef Chung Lap Fai hails from Hong Kong where he began his culinary apprenticeship at the age of 17. Fuelled by a thirst for adventure and a passion to travel, he moved to Singapore in 1991 and worked at a couple of renowned Chinese restaurants before joining Hua Ting, Orchard Hotel Singapore’s award-winning signature Cantonese restaurant.


Chef Chung was most recently honoured with the ‘Asian Cuisine Chef of The Year’ award at the prestigious World Gourmet Summit – Awards of Excellence. At the helm since 1997, he has also led Hua Ting Restaurant to winning multiple awards for outstanding Cantonese signatures and creations that have been highlights of many family and corporate gatherings.


Class will be taught in Mandarin and translated to English. Recipe will be written in both Mandarin and English. Note: photos are for references only.



Chef Chung’s Signature Bak Kut Teh


Learn to create one of Chef Chung’s signature dishes. Dig deep on how to create bak kuh mixture from scratch without using premixed ingredients. Chef Chung will be utilising various Chinese herbs to create a fragrant, flavourful, and nourishing soup for you and family.


Unlike the traditional bak kut teh where the prime ribs are simply boiled inside the soup, Chef Chung will process the prime ribs separately. Chef will show steps by steps how to bring the classic bak kut teh to a greater height. Don’t miss this rare chance to learn from the Master himself!


Abalone Fried Rice in Lotus Leaf


Chef will teach you how to create a delicious abalone fried rice and how to braise the abalone from scratch. This dish will surely impress your friends and family.


Stuffed Crab Shell with Wild Mushroom


The shell will be filled with delicious crab meat and various other ingredients before fried to perfection and served along a tangy vinegar on the side.


Maximum of 20 participants


Chef Chung Lap Fai





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10 Mar 2024 (Sun), 1pm – 5pm