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Master Class: Authentic Biryani with Chef Sangkaran Ganaeson

9 Oct 2022 (Sun), 1pm - 5pm



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Chef Sangkaran Ganaeson

Sous Chef at Thevar (2 Michelin-starred)


Learn the essential techniques on how to create authentic delicious biryani and its accompanying dishes at home. Chef Sangkaran Ganaeson’s cooking is heavily rooted in tradition which he learned from his grandmother and mother who comes from Pondicherry, India. Now, Chef Sangkaran applies his traditional knowledge with refinement and serves modern Indian cuisine at the newly minted 2 Michelin-starred Thevar.



Madras Style Chicken Biryani

Madras biryani is a Southern-style biryani, popular mostly because the flavor is not too heavy, nor it is too light, it is fluffy, fragrant, and packed with various spices which flavors the rice beautifully. In this class, you will learn the fundamental techniques how to create a delicious biryani successfully at home. Chef Sangkaran will show you how to achieve that perfect rice texture using “aged basmati”. The partially cooked rice will be layered with the chicken masala and is finished cooking on the stove to perfection.


Mutton Dalcha

When you eat biryani, you will pour a delicious curry/gravy to the rice, and this is called “Dal” or “Sambar”. Dal is usually made with only vegetable, often lentils. However, this mutton dalcha which is Chef Sangakaran’s favorite go-to-side dish goes one step further; it adds a flavorful stock that is made with mutton bones and adds a “drumstick”, a special vegetable/pod from the Moringa tree to the curry. If you don’t fancy mutton, you can leave it out and still get a delicious dal.


Hydrebad Aubergine Masala

This wonderful gravy/masala is made using lots of tomatoes and various spices which creates a flavorful pairing for the biryani.


Burani Yoghurt Raita

Yoghurt raita is an essential part of biryani. The refreshing taste and slight sourness really cuts through some of the richness and completes the whole dish. Burani is a type of yoghurt raita from Hyderabad, a city well-known for its biryani. A roasted garlic with ghee with some spices, chili is added to the dish, makes the raita all the more special.


Suitable for All Levels (Novice/Intermediate/Advanced)


Maximum of 20 participants



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Note: Chef will demonstrate all recipes. Participants will sample all the items demonstrated items. The photos are for references purpose only.



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9 Oct 2022 (Sun), 1pm – 5pm