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Chef Joycelyn Shu

Joycelyn Shu has had a lifelong emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental relationship with nourishment, food, and cooking. It’s all thanks to her gourmand of a father, and incredible sorceress-at-the-stove of a grandmother.


While she first started work life as a fashion journalist and stylist at various publications, she inevitably found her true path to fulfillment as a cook, both at home and as a culinary instructor at the beloved now-shuttered iconic Shermay’s Cooking School.


Everything she’s gleaned about food, what/how to cook, and what/how to eat, was via trials and tribulations in her own kitchen, meeting/conversing with/learning from those more sage than her, reading as widely as possible, and eating out as curiously diverse as she can. These days, she tries her best to feed and gratify her near and dear, teach the occasional cooking class, and write a food feature or two for The Rake.

Chef Joycelyn Shu’s Classes

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