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Katherine Atmadiredja



Katherine Atmadiredja – daughter, wife, mother and entrepreneur – is the founder of My Turn To Host (MYTH), an establishment that aims to spread the joy of preparing and sharing delightful wholesome meals while entertaining family and friends in a holistic environment. The simple yet singular satisfactions of preparing good food and being a good host remind one of the importance of the inimitable touch of the human hand in an increasingly digital world.


Food is more than mere sustenance for the body. Food is a gift from nature that ought to be appreciated and treated with respect. It is also something that brings people together, be it strangers or family and friends, in joyous thankfulness for a lovingly made meal. Katherine has known this since she was old enough to help her mother in the kitchen. Together, they prepared delicious home-cooked meals using recipes handed down over generations in a family that included 16 aunts and uncles. She continues the tradition today with her own husband and two daughters.

Over the years, the Indonesian-born globetrotter has travelled around the world, building an impressive culinary repertoire along the way. Throughout her travels, Katherine’s favorite food destination is Japan. She is attracted by the Japanese food culture: the attention to detail from the food preparation to the table setting; the respect shown towards simple ingredients that can result in the most delectable of treats; and the humility with which each meal is begun. These are some of the values MYTH is founded upon.


From sourcing for sustainable ingredients to preparing the perfect table setting, no stone is left unturned with Katherine at the helm of MYTH. My Turn To Host will be conducting workshops at the beautiful W. Atelier showroom located at 201 Henderson Road with the aim of educating, instilling an appreciation for fine ingredients and cultivating the art of entertaining.

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