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Repeat Master Class: Asian Buns with Chef Yong Chin (Demo + Handson)

11 June 2023 (Sun), 10am - 3.30pm

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Chef Yong Chin

Owner/Head Baker @C’rius Bake

Chef Yong Chin has 12 years’ experience in baking bread. Having started from the bottom, he worked his way through the various stations in the bakery and grew to profoundly love making bread. It has always bothered him how something so simple can be so immensely complicated at the same time.

By the age of 19, he knew he wanted to pursue his future in the Food and Beverage industry. He graduated from The Culinary Institute of America, where he developed his professionalism and built a foundation in the culinary arts.  Following his graduation, he moved to San Francisco, California and did a post externship at Jane The Bakery where he developed his baking skills further and gained a wealth of knowledge. Chef Yong Chin is owner/head baker at Crius bake, situated in Bukit Timah, and currently operating out of 2 Bakery outlets and a Café.


Crius Bake

C’rius Bake is a family-owned bakery. Currently serving both local and western range of bread with more than 100 unique items baked fresh daily. Currently operated by 2nd generation owner bakers, C’rius bake strives to preserve Singapore’s cultural breads from the 1990s to early 2000s while keeping relevant by introducing artisanal baked goods consisting of hearth breads and viennoiseries. The goal is to provide affordable hand-crafted baked goods made with premium ingredients to the masses.


You will be learning 2 types of dough:

Straight-dough Method

Pate Ferment Method


You will be learning 8 different types of Asian breads:

Pork Floss

Red Bean

Polo Bun

Roti Boy

Ham & Cheese


Butter Sugar

Cheese Stick


You will be learning 5 different types of homemade topping/filling:

Homemade Floss Cream (Pork Floss)

Homemade Polo Bun Topping (Polo Bun)

Homemade Mexico Cream (Roti Boy)

Homemade Red Bean Paste (Red Bean)

Homemade Tuna Filling (Tuna Bun)


Demo and Hands On. Students will bring back home 15 pieces of bread!

Suitable for All Levels (Novice/Intermediate/Advanced)

Maximum of 12 participants




Terms and Conditions

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Dimensions 10 x 15 x 5 cm
Date and Time

11 June 2023 (Sun), 10am – 3.30pm