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Sicilian Seafood Feast Master Class by Chef Lino Sauro

22 Sep 2018 (Sat), 1pm - 4:30pm


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Be refreshed by award winning Chef Lino Sauro’s authentic Sicilian style of cooking. Gattopardo, which was recently recognised as one of the “Top Italian Restaurants” by the international, prestigious Gambero Rosso Restaurant Guide, features stalwart dishes such as the  Gattopardo Signature Seafood Stew, specialtypastas using only fresh seasonal ingredients, Gambero Rosso (Sicilian red prawn) Ravioli and Salt-baked Sea Bass. In 2016, Chef Lino further spread the Sicilian gospel with Olio, his 100-seater restaurant in Kensington Street in Sydney.


Succulent Salt Baked Sea Bass

Salt-baking makes an impressive presentation at dinner party. The moisture is perfectly sealed inside and nothing escapes the shell. When cooked, you can enjoy the full flavour and aroma and the flesh becomes beautifully moist and tender. Seemingly simple, it is a tricky one to master as it easy to overcook the fish. Learn all the right techniques from Chef Lino Sauro, the seafood master himself, who serves this beautiful dish at his restaurant.


Delicious Risone Pasta with Braised Octopus and Bone Marrow

Chef Lino’s signature pasta and a must have at his restaurant, Gattopardo Restorante Di Mare. The raindrop-shaped pasta looks like a cross between Arborio rice and orzo, and provides an interesting textural interplay with its accompaniments. Its braised octopus brims with umami, soaking up all the goodness from what seems to be a really meaty stock. A smidge of bone marrow enlivens the dish with a buttery finish (City Nomads). Learn all the details to make this stunner of a pasta dish!


Gattopardo’s Signature Seafood Stew

This rustic yet sophisticated seafood stew will be a winner with family and dinner party guests. Chef Lino Sauro’s commitment to the preservation of Italian authentic traditions translates in his cooking which reflects a strong connection to his Sicilian roots. Master all the techniques and the various building blocks to create this wonderful stew.



Suitable for All Levels (Novice/Intermediate/Advanced)


Maximum of 20 participants



View Lino Sauro’s Bio Here


Chef will demonstrate all recipes.


Each participant will sample all the items demonstrated and bring home a recipe pack.

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22 Sep 2018 (Sat), 1pm – 4:30pm