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Refined Japanese Classic Dish by Kaiseki Chef Taro Takayama with Le Creuset

7 July 2018 (Sat), 10.30am - 1.30pm

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Japanese cuisine is an art form that balances taste, texture and appearance. Known as “washoku” which translates into peace/harmony, Japanese traditional food focuses on clean flavours, fresh ingredients and impeccable presentation that maintain a balance of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.


In every cuisine, there are essential ingredients that make up the cornerstone of its flavours. In Japanese food, these main essential ingredients are soy sauce, dashi and mirin. Mastering the fundamental technique is key to create refined Japanese food at home that gives greater sense of fullness and satisfaction. In this class, you will learn to prepare seemingly simple food with Le Creuset cast iron cookware, to draw out the natural flavours of ingredients and achieve balance in the dish.


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Umami Sakura-Ebi Donabe Rice with Sweet Japanese Corn and Edamame

Delicious and comforting Japanese rice dish with flavour packed, texturally delightful Sakura-Ebi. Sakura-Ebi, the translucent pink tiny shrimps can only be caught in fall and winter, off the coast Shizuoka, making them a rare treat. They have a non-fishy, umami characteristic like no other.


Traditionally made using donabe (similar to clay pot), this dish can be equally made using cast-iron Le Creuset French Oven that allows even distribution of heat and moisture throughout the entire cooking process, creating rich and deep flavours. Delight on this one-pot wonder and learn how to create beautiful, moist, plump rice dish with a light, crisp crunch and natural sweetness from the sakura-ebi, sweet corn and edamame.


Delicious Tsukune with Homemade Sweet and Savory Tare and Onsen Egg

Tender, juicy minced chicken skewers with shiso (Japanese perilla leaf), grilled with an addictive homemade sweet and savoury tare sauce, served alongside delicious onsen egg, a soft poached egg with silky and custardy consistency (you can always omit the egg of course, it is perfect as it is or served alongside yuzu kosho). Tsukune is a tricky one to master as you need a certain amount of fat in the mixture, otherwise it will dry out by the time it is cooked through. Chef Taro will be showcasing his version of the dish which is highly popular amongst Japanese families. Learn from Chef Taro the perfect mixture with the right balance using a mountain yam to create this succulent dish, your family would absolutely love this dish!


Clear Japanese Soup (Suimono) with Soft and Delicious Prawn Fishcake

One of the most popular soups enjoyed throughout Japan, this dish despite seemingly simple requires meticulous attention to detail. The key is dashi, a Japanese stock that is made from boiling kombu kelp and katsuobushi bonito flakes in water to extract the umami flavour, using cast-iron Le Creuset casserole.  The rich, umami-infused liquid dashi is used as the soup base with other sauces, served alongside tender and flavourful prawn fishcake. This soup focuses on balance of flavour, with preparation techniques that aim to draw out the natural flavours of ingredients. Learn the tricks to replicate this dish to perfection at home.


Delicious Creamy Japanese Tofu Salad (Shira-ae)

Shira-ae, a delicate creamy mashed tofu salad with arrays of vegetable and delicious homemade sesame sauce, is part of “shoujin ryouri”, a subtle yet sumptuous Japanese vegetarian food. With impeccable presentation, delicate taste and texture and many accompanying health benefits from good quality produce, shoujin ryouri is regarded as a cultural experience and gaining popularity in recent years. Enjoy this delicious healthy dish as a fantastic starter or light supper!


Suitable for All Levels (Novice/Intermediate/Advanced)


Maximum of 20 participants


Chef will demonstrate all recipes and each participant will sample all the items demonstrated and bring home a recipe pack.



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7 July 2018 (Sat), 10.30am – 1.30pm


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