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Exquisite Curry Puffs and Bao: Asian Pastries and Snacks for Perfect Parties by Chef Joycelyn Shu (Copy)

22 July 2018 (Sun), 1pm - 4.30pm



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This menu is a collection of moreish morsels that are a delightful way to welcome guests when you are entertaining at home. Of course, quite besides being a delicious start to an Asian influenced menu or lovely additions to a buffet style spread, they are also the quintessential teatime (or anytime) treats and lunchbox additions for feeding your nearest and dearest.


Chicken Curry Puffs

If you grew up in Singapore, chances are you’ll have memories of or have heard of the legendary Rex curry puffs. This recipe, a staple in Joycelyn’s snack repertoire, is very much inspired by the iconic original. A luxurious take, it features all-butter shortcrust pastry, a chicken curry filling fragrant with coconut milk and curry leaves, and the requisite wedge of nicely cooked egg. No potatoes are used in the filling, which is what makes the commercially produced versions much heavier. Learn as well how to shape and handcraft the puffs with a pretty twisted rope edge.


Sardine Curry Puffs

A piquant filling of sardines in spicy tomato sauce spiked with a host of aromatics elevates the curry puff typically known as epok epok from simple to spectacular. Be warned; there’s no going back to shop-bought after you’ve made your own.


Cucur Badak

Usually found at street food vendors in the pasar malam/night markets of Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia, it is not hard to see why these addictive snacks are so beloved. A plush sweet potato dough envelopes a delicious filling of grated coconut stir fried with dried shrimp, lemongrass, galangal/blue ginger, and turmeric amongst other heady aromatics.


Char Siu Baked Bao

This dim sum classic is much easier to make at home than one would imagine. An yeasted dough which bakes up light and fluffy – quite different from the typical soft and squishy Chinese bakery specimen – swaddles a decadent savoury-sweet char siu pork filling. Discern the tricks to shaping a bun that has a well-domed form as well as a beautifully shiny crust.


Vegetarian Baked Bao

Even meat lovers won’t miss the meat with this number. The key is to create a varied array of plant based textures – like this combination including succulent radish, tender carrots, and crunchy bamboo shoots – and marry them with an umami foundation, here based on dried shitake.


Suitable for All Levels (Novice/Intermediate/Advanced)


Maximum of 20 participants



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Programme Line Up

  • Chef will demonstrate all recipes and bring home a recipe pack.
  • All participants will receive a copy of Chef Joycelyn Shu’s ‘Nostalgia Is The Most Powerful Seasoning’, a collection of essays about some of her most memorable moments in the kitchen.


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22 July 2018 (Sun), 1pm – 4.30pm


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