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Celebratory Chinese Heritage Menu By Chef Joycelyn Shu

14 Nov 2020 (Sat), 1pm - 4:30pm

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Discover at this class how to craft from scratch 3 classic Chinese recipes – one Shanghainese, one Cantonese, one Nonya – fit for a special Lunar New Year celebration at home.


Decadent Hee Peow Thng/Fish Maw Soup with Handmade Prawn Balls, Pork Balls, Egg Rolls with Shrimp Paste

In the Nonya soup repertoire, there are certain preparations that make a special appearance traditionally only on festive occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and Chinese New Year, thanks to the luxurious ingredients and labour intensiveness involved. Hee Peow soup is one of them.


No effort is spared for this celebratory centrepiece.


The rich broth is graced with an assortment of prawn balls, pork balls, and delicate egg rolls. Each element is lovingly handmade, whilst threadfin fish maw soaks up the fabulous flavour of the soup.


Deluxe Chai Choy/Luóhàn Cài/羅漢菜

An elaborate mixed vegetable braise that’s a must for every Chinese family during Chinese New Year, many variations exist where the Chinese diaspora has settled. The Nonya version, known as chap chye, flavoured with taucheo (salted fermented soy beans), for instance, is quite different from this Cantonese style version, which is given umami depth with nam yu/南乳 (red fermented beancurd).


You can make it strictly vegetarian if you prefer, but during a celebratory occasion, the extravagant enrichment with stock and dried seafood goodies is not unheard of. This recipe is based on what Joycelyn ate growing up, as made by her nanny, a Cantonese amah.


Many of the dishes and ingredients which make an appearance during Chinese New Year are deemed auspicious often because the word/s for the dish or ingredient is a homonym for a wish of wellness or the shape has symbolic meaning. In chai choy alone, just to name a few, there’s shitake/冬菇/dōng gū for seizing opportunity, wood ear/木耳/mù ěr for longevity, dried oyster/蠔豉/háo shì/ho see for good events, black moss/髮菜/fà cài/fatt choy for prosperity.


Exquisite Steamed Tri Colour Egg Custard 三色蛋

An exquisite and elevated take on the humble homestyle steamed egg dish, this striking appetizer tends to be found on the menus of Shanghainese restaurants. The quivering custard with a silken tofu like texture is studded with century egg and salted egg, and upon slicing, the layers and beautiful bejewelled like cross section are revealed. On a plate, the glistening morsels beckon appealingly like pieces of agate and whet the appetite with their savoury flavour.






Suitable for All Levels (Novice/Intermediate/Advanced)


Maximum of 20 participants



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Programme Line Up

  • Chef will demonstrate all recipes and bring home a recipe pack.
  • All participants will receive a copy of Chef Joycelyn Shu’s ‘Nostalgia Is The Most Powerful Seasoning’, a collection of essays about some of her most memorable moments in the kitchen.


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14 Nov 2020 (Sat), 1pm – 4:30pm


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