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The Art of Sushi Roll by Chef Andrew Lin

29 Nov 2020 (Sun), 1pm - 4:30pm



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Japanese cuisine is one of the hardest cuisines to master due to its simplicity. Simplicity also means that each technique has to be of utmost perfection to bring the pure taste of each ingredients.


Sushi is a world-renowned dish. While making perfect nigiri sushi is almost impossible at home as it requires years of experience. However, making delicious sushi roll at home is perfectly possible with theright technique and attention to details to each ingredient.


The Art of Perfect Sushi Rice

Learn to master the art of sushi rice from a talented Chef Andrew. Sushi rice is one of the most well-regarded and challenging rice to master. Master sushi Chef will spend years perfecting their rice and will closely guard the recipe.


It consists only few simple ingredients. However, few ingredients mean that it requires attention to details at each step to perfect it. When done right, sushi rice is utterly delicious and versatile as it can be served as is on individual bowl with various toppings other than made into sushi rolls. From selecting the grain of rice, washing, drying, cooking, and finally rolling it, from understanding the perfect ratio of rice vinegar, sugar, salt to cooked rice, learn all the little details from master Chef Andrew.


The Art of Traditional Sushi Roll, Futomaki

Futomaki is a traditional thick sushi roll filled with various ingredients, each brings wonderful element and balance to the final roll. In this class, you will learn to master to create each ingredient including Chef Andrew’s special Dashimaki Tamago, a delicate, smooth, fluffy egg roll, resembling an omelette, which will be put inside as part of the filling. You will also learn to create delicious Japanese Braised Mushroom. This braised mushroom can be served on its own, as a topping with a warm bowl of hot new Japanese rice.


So Delicious Spicy Salmon Roll with Fried Salmon Skin, Aburi Salmon, Spicy Mayo Dressing

This could be one of the most delicious and popular rolls in most Japanese restaurants in Singapore. It is easy to understand why. You will learn to create delicious Fried Salmon Skin, Fried Seaweed with Salmon Belly Filling, Aburi Salmon with homemade spicy dressing. One piece is not enough!


Delicious Dragon Roll with Avocado, Perfectly Crunchy Ebi Fry and Mayo Dressing

A delicious sushi roll that is appreciated by all age. Dragon roll is an inside-out sushi, which is filled with nori sheet wrapping around the ingredients on the inside and the sushi rice is on the outside.


In this class, you will also learn to create the crunchiest Ebi Fry, Japanese prawn tempura. Ebi Fry is delicious as is, served alongside salt or yuzu kosho or can be made into a delicious roll filling. You won’t be disappointed!


Mango Roll

As if three rolls are not enough, Chef Andrew will showcase this beautiful and delicious mango roll that is liked by many. You don’t want to miss this class!


Suitable for All Levels (Novice/Intermediate/Advanced)


Maximum of 20 participants



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Chef will demonstrate all recipes. Participants will sample all the items demonstrated items.


Terms and Conditions

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 10 x 15 x 5 cm
Date and Time

29 Nov 2020 (Sun), 1pm – 4:30pm


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