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Chef Yamashita Masataka

Chef Yamashita was trained in Tsuji Culinary Institute, a highly respected culinary institute in Japan.


After working at various patisseries in Japan, Chef Yamashita started his own at Nara. His patisserie quickly rose to the top and obtained great success.  After 8 years, he yearned to introduce high-quality Japanese pastries in a new market. He then moved to Singapore to become the head chef and co-owner of Flor Patisserie, turning it into a heaven for delightful cakes and pastries.


Having earned a reputation for himself as one of the best patisserie chefs in Singapore, today, Chef Yamashita runs his own Japanese Artisan Patisserie, aptly named Chef Yamashita. Chef Yamashita’s talent and passion are truly reflected in his creation. His cakes are light, decadent, without being overly sweet, with the right balance and texture. He focuses on creating subtle taste while using premium ingredients with the help of his equally passionate wife, Ami Yamashita. Since his own establishment, he has gained various publication and loyal customers. He also published a recipe book “Tanoshii Ke-Ki”.


Chef Yamashita also enjoys making beautiful cakes for his family and friends. He finds great satisfaction in knowing that a simple but well-made cake could bring so much joy and laughter to his loved ones. With talent and jovial nature, please join us for a fun and informative class with Chef Yamashita!

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